Paintings revived in isolation

It all began with a fine human being adding me to the Ertoba group. In general, I tend to be skeptical towards groups, but I decided to take a look with an open mind, merely as a sign of consideration towards this person. I actually liked what I saw and thought to myself: “Why not?! I, too, can post a painting of mine here.” At this point, I had only painted a single series.

მთვარე, ფერადი მთები

The painting was greeted with such positivity that I immediately bought more canvas the next day and tried again. In the meantime, I realized that I was enjoying all this quite a bit.

გოგონა ოქროსფერი საყურით

In general, kudos and compliments tend to double one’s motivation. The same happened in my case: it was the right moment at a wrong time.

გოგონა წითელი თმით

I used to paint in my childhood. But hadn’t painted since. This context naturally led me back here. I realized that I had missed painting and let myself get lost in it completely. Positive feedback from the audience doubled my enthusiasm. Numerous people even expressed interest in buying my art, but I have been reluctant so far. In a strange way, I somehow want to keep all this to myself for now.

გოგონა წითელი ტუჩებით

I am a photographer. Hence, painting skills are a great asset for my professional work, making me better at shooting—the two have a lot in common.


Being an emotional one, I need to be able to express my feelings in one form or another everyday, so painting has proved to be an ideal distraction from reality and a great source of relaxation—particularly at a time when stress and anxiety are inescepable.

ფერადი სახლები ხის დაფაზეა დახატული

I now try to paint for at least three hours everyday. However, since I have to work remotely, I am unable to dedicate the entire day to this activity. One thing that really helps you deal with stress is talking to your friends. At times like this, I forget about everything, so I try to allocate a portion of my day to such conversations. I can think of lots of activities that can help minimize stress: books, cooking, films, writing… What really matters is to not give in and follow your inner voice, which is perfectly capable of dictating the right pastime.

ხის დაფაზე დახატული ფრიდა კალო

Initially, the process was very smooth, but once I ran out of canvas, I became anxious. I felt like my one and only fuel for hope slipped away from me. I like wooden boards a lot. As I looked at the board, I realized that this was precisely what I needed. Luckily, I still have a few left, but once the stock runs out, I may even proceed to painting my walls. At the end of the day, it’s all about inspiration and enthusiasm—not resources.


Author: George Van De Kamp