playing with emoji puzzles in isolation

I’ve always liked the title, “All My Friends are Superheroes.” But little did I know that all my friends would actually become superheroes in the spring of 2020. After all, what is caring for others, for yourself, your country and the entire universe, if not superherodom? Today, it does not take a superpower per se to become a superhero. The mission is simple: #StayPut

წლევანდელი ფილმები ემოჯიებით

I, too, joined millions of superheroes out there and have been at home since March 16. Even though I’m working remotely, I still have plenty of time and try to put it to use in such a way that I don’t end up searching for lost time in the future.

მუსიკალური ბენდები, ემოჯიები

TBC Insurance played an integral role in spreading the new mission of modern superheroes by creating the Ertoba group on Facebook, where people get to share their experiences from a variety of fields, pastime recommendations and online courses, teach meditation and contribute to a truly pleasant, interesting and lively setting, in which you are unlikely to get bored. I, too, joined the everyday life in this group early on and decided to share one of my hobbies with the rest.

კლასიკური მუსიკა ემოჯიებით

This is an emoji game, which has been under the spotlight lately. Let me tell you how it all began: approximately a year ago, my friends and I were playing the Guess the Movie game with emojis via Messenger. I remember, we stayed up all night, coming up with emoji combinations for over 100 films. I really didn’t want this activity to get lost in the chat archive, so I immediately looked through the history and saved the top 30 riddles through screenshots. A while later, I felt like playing with emojis again. Again, I decided to play Guess the Movie, but this time—with Georgian films. I came up with riddles for 10 films and shared them via social media. The feedback was great. My friends ended up guessing each and every one of them and asked me to post more. I made a promise but didn’t really get to follow through until a year later, when I found myself in isolation.


To cut the long word short, on the fifth fine day of lockdown, when the five days spent at home were beginning to feel like “Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights,” I decided to revisit my hobby. It was this very title of a novel by Salman Rushdie that inspired the theme for my new collage. I started putting together puzzles for foreign books, quickly followed by modern and classic Georgian literature, and I was trying to describe The Knight In Panther’s Skin, when I got the sudden urge to raise difficulty of the game a bit by incorporating aphorisms.

აფორიზმები ემოჯიებით

I came up with emoji puzzles for about 24 aphorisms within 2 hours, shared them via social media and, again, my friends managed to guess all of them. I decided to extend the pastime beyond my personal wall and ended up posting the puzzles in the Ertoba group. Members of the group were quite enthusiastic about the activity as well and, even though it would mostly take about 7 minutes to solve each puzzle, comments kept coming anyway. This fueled my motivation to come up with more.

ქართული წიგნები ემოჯიებით

The fact that not a single riddle remains unsolved is a sign that emojis convey the subject in a clear and simple way. But if anything ends up remaining unsolved, I always make sure to revisit the puzzle and try to incorporate it in its best-possible form in a following collage. I’m not really keen on overcomplicating the riddle with various details form the plot—I try to keep the description simple and laconic and to focus on a few important details. 

უცხოური ლიტერატურა ემოჯიებით

At this point, my emoji collection covers films from a variety of periods, music bands of the 60s, 70s and 80s, TV shows, literature, aphorisms and classical music pieces.

While “the world is a Netflix show online” (as KayaKata verses in one of the tracks), with all of us keeping a “Black Mirror” handy, I keep playing with emojis. So, on that note, what do you say to my next collage about Georgian idioms?


Author: Keti Ubilava