How to decorate a baby room

Approximately 36 weeks of pregnancy tend to teach us a lot. For example, we get to learn which sandwich is suitable for breakfast, lunch or supper; that sleep is certainly worth investing your time in, or that you end up having to make about 10,000 decisions to prepare you for the moment you bring your baby home. Should you have a basket in addition to the bed? Where should you set up the diaper changing table? Regardless of how big your place is, your baby items end up making your home even smaller. The new family member ends up turning your entire place into its nursery. However, there are a few simple yet important steps that may improve safety and enhance comfort for your little ones.


Make sure that everything you may need is close to the diaper changing table

Think of baby diapers, towels, more towels, laundry basket, diaper bin and other details. What also matters is for everything to be placed in such a way that you won’t have to keep your eye off the baby at any moment. Hence, make sure you try to place everything into the drawers of your diaper changing table.

Two words: washable wallpaper

You may not have any idea how many things may end up on the nursery wall yet…  So, get a head start and use wallpaper or paint that you can wash easily. After all, kids love drawing on walls most of all.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

Make sure that you can make lighting in the nursery resemble the dark at any point during the day. This entails having a thick curtain or shutters. Kids actually find it easier to sleep in the dark.

Pictures make all the difference

Decorate the room in lighter colors. Do not forget that your little one grows up really fast and you may have to refurbish the place unexpectedly, due to all the drawings on your walls. However, you can always complete the space with pictures and decorative items to replace hand-painted artwork on the walls.

A rug is a must

A rug is certainly not a must in your kid’s room during the first 6 months. However, as soon as he starts crawling, the rug will actually become the single most useful item in the room. Hence, you can buy a special baby rug, which is very soft and does not irritate the baby’s skin, while also shielding them from microbes. If you still prefer a furry rug instead, make sure to buy the one with shorter fur, which will actually accumulate less dust and will be much easier to clean as well.

Toy hammock and woven basket

In addition to looking quite nice in any room, woven baskets are great for storing toys and a variety of other items. However, if there aren’t many shelves in the room and there is plenty of items to store, you may want to set up a special hammock for toys. Initially, you must keep your baby away from stuffed toys or at least make sure that the surface of the toy is hypoallergenic.

Cover the door latch

Babies tend to wake up very easily. Even the slightest noise is usually enough. That said, place a special cover on the latch, so that you do not end up waking the baby by opening and closing the door every ten minutes.

Hang kid’s clothes on hangers

It is not the best idea to make a closet with drawers for kids, as they may end up hurting themselves once they grow a bit older and start pulling drawers out. That said, you can simply hang clothes on the wall on pretty hangers or introduce an elegant rack instead.


Furniture angle pads are essential

Pointed furniture angles are some of the most dangerous things for babies. You must cover corners of your tables, closets and other storage pieces with safety pads, in order to avoid a variety of unpleasant incidents.


Electrical socket safety covers are an absolute must

Babies love touching everything with their fingers. Oftentimes, they do not avoid electrical sockets either, which is why you will have less to worry about with special socket covers.


Author: Likuna Khazaradze

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