20 percent off for TBC Insursance custumers

A joint promotion from TBC Insurance and REDMED, the first Georgian digital platform for medical services, allows customers to take advantage of an unlimited, year-round 20% discount for any service offered by REDMED.

In order to unlock the offer, TBC Insurance customers must register on the REDMED platform and activate the promo code they will receive via text message.  Upon activation of the code, customers and members of their families will receive a 20% discount for a service of their choosing year-round.

REDMED currently offers users the following three services:

  • House Calls – An option to have a specialized professional examine you from the comfort of your home. Physicians tend to find it easier to examine patients during house calls, as they get a chance to observe their natural habitat. Upon completion of an appointment and issuance of a prescription, physicians give patients stamped consultation cards.
  • Video consultations – Consultations with physicians via video calls. Oftentimes, video consultations prove to replace visits to the clinic fully, as patients manage to convey every important detail about their health status and even demonstrate any visual symptom they may have.
  • Audio consultations – Patients contact physicians via audio calls to receive professional advice. This option proves to be particularly efficient after an initial consultation and serves the purpose of simplifying management of the treatment process.

Users may contact the physician with any questions that they may have free of charge, over the course of 48 hours after completion and receipt of any service from REDMED.

The promo code may only be activated during the promotion period, which is scheduled to end on June 11.

Activate the promo code, download the REDMED app and take advantage of an unlimited, year-round 20% discount for remote medical services.