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Raymann Lab Tests at Home

As TBC Insurance continues to implement remote services, it now offers you a chance to take advantage of in-home lab services at no additional cost, which entail blood collection and specimen pick-up from the comfort of your home.

The Raymann Clinic, strategic partner of TBC Insurance, is now officially open. Raymann is a family medicine center, managed by a professional team with 27 years of experience in the field. With patients’ needs and health as its fundamental values, the clinic aims to establish a patient-centric approach in healthcare.

In-home lab services will save your time. The Raymann laboratory is equipped with fully automated and secure state-of-the-art machines, while blood is collected using vacuum systems from Becton Dickinson, which ensure utmost safety of each procedure.

You may call us at (032) 2 42 11 11 to obtain additional info or book an in-home lab service session.