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Tips for driving while pregnant

Heavy traffic is common in every big city these days. Growth rate of vehicle numbers worldwide is irreversible, which makes it even more important to diligently adhere to safety instructions and be particularly cautious during commute. If you happen to be pregnant, the need for particular caution grows. It is highly recommended not to drive a vehicle during pregnancy. However, if the stated activity is inevitable due to a hectic schedule and daily needs, do take the following precautions into consideration:

  • Do not fasten your seatbelt above or over your belly. As you attempt to fasten the seatbelt, place it under your belly, so that it fits comfortably with your hips and pelvic bones.

ორსულობა, გოგო, ღვედი

  • You must place the lap-shoulder belt above your chest, between your breasts, in such a way that it coincides with the central point of your collar bone, away from your neck.
  • Never place the lap-shoulder belt under your arm or behind your back.
  • Always maintain a 25-centimeter distance between the steering wheel and your sternum (breast bone) while driving.
  • If your car provides the option of turning the airbag function on or off, always make sure it is on.

აირბაგი, მანქანა

  • As the size of your belly grows, you may find it harder to maintain the recommended distance between the steering wheel and your sternum, which is why, if your vehicle has a titled steering wheel, you must make sure that it is tilted towards your sternum, rather than towards your belly or head.
  • If you have an accident, make sure to contact a physician for examination, regardless of whether or not you feel OK.

პატარა ბავშვი, მანქანის სავარძელი

Eventually, approximately 2-3 weeks before projected childbirth, do make sure to purchase a special car seat and fit it to your vehicle. Regardless of whether or not you are the one driving, you may transport the baby from the maternity home only in a special car seat, fitted to your vehicle.

შავი ავტომობილი, სტიკერი

Now that you are abiding by the safety precautions, you can go ahead and think about safety of your car i.e. insurance, which will allow you to avoid unwanted expenses. Apart from protecting from a variety of other risks, auto insurance also allows you to avoid unanticipated expenses that may follow a potential accident.

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Author: Likuna Khazaradze