The 300,000 GEL Fund for medical professionals has been disbursed in full

The special fund to aid medical professionals, launched by TBC Insurance, has been already disbursed in full.

300,000 GEL was allocated to medical personnel treating patients infected with COVID-19 at a variety of medical facilities, thus posing serious health risks for themselves through close proximity with their patients.

“In the light of current events, it is particularly important to show appreciation for our physicians—true professionals and brave humans that continue to put their lives at risk every single day. We believe that medical personnel that currently operates in high-risk zones is in particular need of support, as their proactivity and the part they play each day is absolutely invaluable. This is precisely why we decided to join the #TBCforyou COVID-19 relief challenge and took actions in accordance with our corporate social responsibility philosophy.” – Paata Ghadzadze, Director General of TBC Insurance

The fund was launched as part of the #TBCforyou relief program, with the sole objective of issuing compensation of up to 10,000 GEL to each physician, nurse and hospital attendant contracting the COVID-19 virus during professional duty.

The fund ended up aiding 90 professionals, who continue to fight for the health of Georgian citizens at the risk of their own health and that of their family members.