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AutoMini: If you’re not at fault

TBC Insurance is delighted to offer you, here and now, a brand-new customized product.

AutoMini aims to insure you against motor accidents that aren’t your fault (at all) and promises to compensate unexpected costs incurred as a result of such collisions.

The new auto insurance product comes with significant benefits: freedom of risk selection and zero deductible, which means that you will receive full compensation in case of accident.

ავტომინი, ახალი ავტოდაზღვევა, მანქანა, ტოიოტა, ავტომობილი

The list of insured risks at your full discretion include and are not limited to falling objects or debris, burglary, hail or even windscreen damage. The additional insurance risk selection option makes the insurance premium extremely affordable, as you are free to determine the budget yourself.

AutoMini comes with the following benefits:

  • Zero deductible
  • Freedom to determine your budget
  • Insurance risk selection option
  • Online purchase option (fast and easy)
  • Remote photographic evidence provision (via B Bot)

If you're not a fault get AutoMini: https://bit.ly/37f2Rx8