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Raymann is now a strategic partner of TBC Insurance

Raymann Clinic is a strategic partner of TBS Insurance.

Raymann is a family medicine center that models experience of leading American clinics and offers a full spectrum of services, including:

•    Family medicine;
•    Pediatrics;
•    Women’s health;
•    An automated state-of-the-art lab from ROCHE.

რეიმანი, კლინიკა, კიბე, გოგონები

The Raymann team aims to transform the existing medical system by establishing a truly patient-centric model, with patient’s needs and well-being at its core.
In addition to premium quality, the company prioritizes maximum comfort and convenience of every single interaction of a patient with the clinic by ensuring pleasant setting and excellent qualifications of its health professionals.

Access to Raymann’s services for TBC Insurance customers is even more painless and convenient through a family physician. Call us at (032) 2 42 11 11 to schedule a visit with a Raymann family physician and gain access to the right specialist within seconds.