How auto liability insurance can come in handy

It is hard to imagine yourself crashing an expensive car and, naturally, compensating the damage. But if you wish to free yourself from unwanted thoughts and worries, auto liability insurance is bound to bring you peace of mind.

პტარა ბავშვი, სათამაშო მანქანა, მზის სათვალე

Auto liability insurance protects you during unexpected accidents, when third party vehicles, property or health are damaged.

მამა სიმპსონი

To give you a better sense of the product, picture yourself damaging another party’s property, such as a retail outlet, home or anything else—that is precisely when auto liability insurance comes in handy.

მულტფილმი, სახლში ვარდება წითელი მანქანა

Naturally, if you end up damaging someone’s car, auto liability insurance will cover that as well.

წითელი მანაქანა ეჯახება იისფერ მანქანას

When it comes to the most important of all—people’s health—auto liability insurance will also compensate medical expenses within selected limit.

You certainly wish to know how much you are going to pay for all that each month, and the answer is quite pleasant, actually: you may take advantage of a 5000 GEL or 10 000 GEL insurance limit for as low as 5 or 10 GEL per month and feel safe and at ease. Click the link to learn about our insurance terms:


Author: Likuna Khazaradze