How to prevent “idle mind” among teenagers

Summer is everyone’s favorite season—particularly for children. This is when they get to have the most time and freedom to play, free from the daily school routine that may otherwise get in the way. However, this is precisely why it is important to find balance, so that this 2-month-long break for your child does not lead to an “idle mind.”

Summer Slide is the term that stands for a long-term break from structural learning and academic work, which often leads to indolence. At times like this, children begin to lose memory of what they have learned at a particularly high speed. However, a few simple tricks will help you to protect your child from sudden indolence during summer as well:

ორი ბავშვი, ხის სათამაშოები, სამაკატი

1.    Learn constantly—but what is it that we’re learning?

It is of utmost importance to know exactly what your child’s interest are and what it is that they would like to explore the most. Do not forget that children tend to exercise their minds even at play and that is precisely when they form some of the most important new skills and gain information. Ask them frequently what they enjoy the most during a game. Once you discover their interests, it is important to show support and encouragement. This will allow you to transform an object of play into that of learning.

ბავში, ნიჟარები, კუ, სათამაშოები, ბიჭუნა

2.    Reading, reading, reading

You’ve probably heard these words a lot and will continue to hear for the rest of your life, as it is truly very important for your child to read. And children begin to read only if you give them an exciting story. For example, if you notice that your kid is particularly interested in the prehistoric age, enjoys playing with dinosaurs and animals, you could easily offer them an encyclopedia, which is bound to provide ample information about their favorite topics and simultaneously serve as a source of fun. What you could do is take your kid to a bookstore or library and give them a chance to select literature based on their interests. If you show interest in reading as well, ask them which character they liked most and why, what they learned and enjoyed the most, their interest and motivation will only grow further.

პატარა ბავშვი ფურცლავს წიგნს, ვარდისფერი მაისური, გოგონა

3.    Remember that technologies aren’t a devil’s work, after all

Smartphone platforms and media that your child interacts with everyday are the best tool for motivation and staying active. If you really try, you are bound to discover a variety of innovative apps, which will allow your kid to practice math and other subjects.

სათამასო სათვალე, ვიარი, ბიჭუნა

4.    Give the child a chance to research

Research discoveries may serve as the key to flexing brain power. If you end up going somewhere with ample space for outdoor activity, it would be great to let your children plant and care for vegetables on their own. Sunflowers are the best option, as they grow very fast. Gardening allows the child to interact with nature, get to know a variety of insects, and could easily develop interest towards the sciences.

ორი ბავშვი დაკიდებულაი ხეზე

5.    Family travel and games

It would be perfect to visit museums and galleries together during the summer. An excellent guide would only aid the child to develop greater depth of knowledge. Such adventures tend to be a significant step forwards towards new interests and discovery of new research topics.

ქურთუკი, სალაშქტრო ჩანთა, პატარა ბავშვი დიდი ქალი


Author: Likuna Khazraadze