Roadside shots

An exciting journey awaits you, particularly if you consider traveling to be a routine and tiresome activity.
How long does it take you to commute? Do your adventures begin after you arrive at your destination?
And what if I tell you that your trip will commence as soon as you get into your car? You are about to learn all about that.

გზა, მანქანები, ბინები

Photo Credits: Tika Jabanashvili

To me, every commute is rather overwhelming. I always know that new adventures await. 
As a child, I would count trees or cars driving by. As I grew older and began to look further into the distance, a beautiful new world opened up to me. 

You want to know what that’s like? Imagine grabbing a film and fast forward from scene to scene.

And once I started shooting, I became convinced that it’s actually true. I used to be disappointed about not being able to stop the car each time I wanted to, so I decided to capture these moments directly from my car. And the results were truly fascinating. Even though some of these shots are out of focus, that does not really mean they can’t be aesthetically pleasing, which is great. Basically, I got lucky! 

ლამაზი მდელოები, საქართველო

The fact that our country is extremely diverse and its cities and towns are so very individual in nature becomes apparent the moment you get on the road.

წიმიანი ფანჯარა

Golden fields, ideal symmetry, neat and clean. This pure sense of freedom makes you want to run around and laugh endlessly… 

Constant interchange of rain and shine is the exotic secret of local nature. Foggy road and sprinkled glass instantly turn you into an artist.

ხის ღობე

Once you reach the end of the highway and notice hundreds of hammocks, you know you are in Khashuri. Colorful hammocks everywhere. 

I get so caught up in observing them that I even forget to shoot. I’m instantly taken back to my childhood days. Here I am, lying in the hammock with the sun rays sneaking through the pear tree leaves… 


Sometimes, I have a feeling that I know the name of every single inhabitant of Surami. I never want to miss a single one of them, so I diligently read names on Nazuki booths, as I drive by. People here are as sweet and warm as this pastry. So much awaits you here.

Houses, people, fields. More fields. Most of my shots actually feature cattle—probably because they are an inseparable part of every road. As they stroll in the middle of the highway, they stare directly into your car and study you carefully. It was only this year that I learned that one must never outdistance the cattle, because they don’t ever really stop anyway. And so, we let them have their way.


These lovely creatures are anything but stubborn. We get to encounter them everywhere—near the horizon or scattered all over the field. 


Population centers and residences, again. Single-story, two-story, wooden or brick. You can see orchards across the fences. Arch vines are a magical element of local hospitality. First, they lure you in with appearance, then they tempt you to try the fruits and, eventually, you are swathed in the enchanting aroma of wine.


Regardless of when I decide to get on the road, I always encounter workers. As I lean over my car window, some of them wave, while others are afraid I will fall over or are simply surprised to see me like that. All in all, communication between us is perfect. Each one that ends up in the shot is pretty much an acquaintance or even related in a way. As I look at these photos, I experience the same feelings all over again.


Time flies by and I don’t even notice how close I am to my destination. If we ever get to travel together, you are bound to hear me cry out in fascination: “How beautiful!” or “How fascinating!” 

მანქანა მიდის გზაზე საღამოს

And now, the first part of adventures has come to an end. How surprising, commutes are not as exhausting as we had thought. Next time, make sure you don’t miss anything. Look closely, because you are bound to notice more on your way back.


And don’t ever dare to think that nothing may surprise you, now that you have seemingly seen it all. You are a traveler, and traveler’s eyes always spot everything. You are capable of noticing minuscule details that keep a variety of secrets. Be a traveler, a storyteller of encounters. Take lots of pictures—that perfect shot is out there, waiting for you.


 Author: Tika Jabanashvili 

Photo Credits: Tika Jabanashvili