Smartphone app from TBC Insurance to make your life easier

Recent events have been yet another reminder of the importance of health for all of us.
The one thing we should never be thrifty about in terms of time, money or attention is undoubtedly health. However, modernity and technological breakthroughs have prompted the need for simplification of a variety of healthcare-related technical aspects and processes.

Various services require upgrade and development with time. More time and effortless experience have become top priorities in the 21st century, which is characterized by fast pace and ever-changing environment. We, modern humans, constantly look for solutions that will make our lives easier.

Could you count the time you have spent in the waiting room or on a hotline to get through to a physician? Digitalization has been the definitive aspect of modern medicine and technological advancement.

The new app from TBC Insurance was created with the sole purpose of simplifying the customer’s life. The app unites everything in a single space, here and now, and allows one to select the primary care physician and a variety of specialists, access their schedules and control insurance limits, spending and compensation.
How exactly does the new app from TBC Insurance make[my life easier?

Doctor’s appointments

I may now select the right specialist and make an appointment from the comfort of my home, without having to wait endlessly on the hotline. It takes just a few minutes to schedule an appointment i.e. select convenient time and book the right physician.

Compensation claims

People often say that the only reason why they do not have insurance is the complexity of procedures and terms associated with it. Nobody likes dealing with complicated documentation-related bureaucratic processes. Perhaps, like me, you, too, have been forced to pay the medical service fee in full, just because you were too lazy to go through with the standard procedure of filing a claim or supply your doctor with required documents. Now that is no longer an issue. The new app from TBC Insurance allows you to file a claim by uploading just a few photos and receive compensation in no time.

The app also allows requesting funding of hospital treatment and letters of guarantee, which you will be asked to present at a healthcare facility.

Travel insurance

As a health insurance customer, I am also eligible for free days of travel insurance from TBC Insurance. As soon as border restrictions are lifted, I will be able to activate my free travel insurance in a single click.

And, finally, you must be curious as to how you can make your life easier, just the way I did.

Downloading the app is effortless. Go to the App Store for iOS or Google Store for Android devices, type TBC Insurance in the search bar, click download and follow the instructions. The app is so simple and easy to navigate, I highly doubt you will have any questions. However, if you do, do not hesitate to call at 032 2 42 11 11.

Wishing you good health!


Author: Mariam Kanchaveli