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How travel insurance can transform your travels

TBC Insurance has a pleasant update for you: our new travel insurance plan with upgraded terms is bound to make your travels even more convenient and effortless.

You may purchase insurance with or without deductibles.

Insurance with deductibles may be used virtually anywhere in the world. In this case, the deductible amounts to $/€50, and all you have to pay is 1 GEL per day.

If you intend to stay within the Schengen area, the insurance plan with no deductible should suffice as well. If need be, travel insurance will cover medical or other costs in full, within the limit of your policy. Maximum coverage for insurance with no deductible is $/€60,000, available for just 2 GEL per day.

Services from REDMED

With travel insurance from TBC Insurance, you get free access to services from REDMED, the digital platform for medical professionals, and get 3 video and/or audio consultations with physicians free of charge. All you are going to have to do is request a special code by contacting us at +995 032 2 42 11 11. If you do not have the REDMED app yet, make sure to download it and complete the registration process. As soon as you are registered, you will be able to use our code to set up an appointment.

B Bot

When it comes to purchasing travel insurance, the ultimate friend of all insures, B Bot, is constantly at your service. You may reach B via Facebook Messenger to finalize your policy within minutes. 

If you ever are ever in need of medical assistance while traveling, you can always contact our hotline at +995 032 2 42 11 11 or notify B Bot via the Messenger app, by selecting ‘Travel Assistance’ from the options.


Additional coverage

Trip cancellation insurance

In addition to travel insurance, TBC Insurance offers you trip cancellation, delay or interruption insurance as well, available at 10 GEL for individuals up to 60 or 15 GEL for those between 60 and 75.

The insurance limit for the package is $/€250 and covers non-refundable expenses for tickets and hotel reservations.

Baggage insurance

Baggage insurance with coverage up to $/€500 will reimburse your expenses for loss, delay or damage to your baggage. The insurance premium is 6 GEL.

Passport insurance

Passport insurance is available for just 5 GEL and promises to cover all expenses associated with replacement of your passport. Keep in mind that the insurance also covers all costs incurred as a result of loss of your travel documents, such as flight cancellation or change charges, up to $/€500.


You may buy travel insurance easily online. Learn more: on.tbcinsurance.ge/travel