Home insurance is much more than you think

What do you imagine when you think of home insurance?

You probably remember the most common and frequent occurrence of all: water leaks. You are most certainly aware that home insurance will compensate costs incurred as a result of fire, robbery, malfunction of plumbing, heating or electrical systems, and natural disasters as well. 

However, the real question from us is whether you really know how you’ll get compensated in the event of such accidents. To put it in simpler terms, what do you think you’re insuring when you’re getting home insurance?

We’re curious to find out. In the meantime, this is the answer from TBC Insurance: you insure much more than you think.

There are hundreds of items at every home. Safety of most of these everyday essentials is actually guaranteed by home insurance—be it your refrigerator, TV, laptop, chair or table. And don’t forget about dwelling and renovation coverage either, as your insurance covers much more than you had imagined.

As unbelievable as it may sound, you may purchase home insurance for as low as 12 GEL per month.