Home insurance is a lot more than meets the eye

The idea of property insurance originates somewhere around the mid 1600s in England. Most buildings in English cities were made of wood and the biggest risk faced at the time was fire, which would happen quite often. The concept of insuring homes was all about mobilizing funds to rebuild or renovate incinerated buildings.

Over centuries, the insurance product gained greater versatility and has come to cover much more than one could ever imagine.

In contrast with the 17th-century dwellings, modern-day homes are much more sophisticated, requiring much greater effort on the homeowner’s part, including the right amount of funds to purchase the right apartment, remodel it to taste and then furnish it with both distinctive and comfortable furniture, or equip it with first-rate appliances. 

Therefore, homeowner’s insurance follows in our footsteps, replicating virtually every step we have taken in pursuit of a dream home. As a result, it now covers a lot more than we could have imagined:
Interior plumbing and drainage

In order for one to feel comfortable at home, plumbing, heating and electrical systems must be perfectly functional at all times. It is precisely homeowner’s insurance that comes in handy in case of sudden malfunction of any of these systems, promising to restore vital balance painlessly, if need be.

Water leak is one of the most common phenomena, leading to immense discomfort and sizeable financial loss. Again, at times like this, what you really need is homeowner’s insurance, which is bound to compensate all your costs incurred as a result of a leak from a neighboring property—including damage to internal cladding and furniture. 

Being the initial reasons for homeowner’s insurance, fire and explosions continue to be an integral element of the popular insurance product to this day. 

In order for you to feel truly at ease with homeowner’s insurance, the standard package protects your dwelling, renovation works and favorite furniture from all of the above-mentioned incidents. 

Hail, flood, high winds and lighting strikes are beyond human control, which is precisely why homeowner’s insurance has got you covered for damage caused by any of these common natural disasters.

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