​​​​​​​An exciting joint initiative from TBC Insurance and Raymann 

To be able to make lives of our customers considerably easier is of paramount priority for TBC Insurance. That is why the company is excited to share yet another exciting initiative—this time, within the partnership with the Raymann clinic.

From now on, each customer of health insurance from TBC Insurance that gets infected with the COVID-19 virus may take advantage of an exclusive 40% discount on house call services from the Raymann lab.

The clinic offers the following services at a discounted rate:

•    Complete blood count (CBC)
•    Urinalysis
•    12-lead ECG
•    CRP
•    Electrolytes
•    Kidney function tests
•    Liver function tests
•    Troponin  test
•    Creatine  kinase
•    D-Dimer test (35% disount applies)
•    Coagulogram
•    Ferritin test
•    Chest radiography (X-ray)
•    Spirometry

To request a house call, you must contact the Raymann hotline at 032 2 121 122.