COVID-19 Online Clinic Services for Free

TBC Insurance is delighted to announce yet another initiative to support its customers.
With human lives and commitment to bringing relief and support at the core of its activities, the company is now offerings its customers a chance to access primary care physician services from the REDMED COVID-19 clinic completely free of charge throughout the month of December.

The program allows customers to address specially trained primary care physicians with any virus-related questions that they may have 24/7.

The remote virus management program covers the following:

  • Preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan formulation;
  • Infection control and treatment for home care settings;
  • Qualified answers to COVID-19-related questions;
  • Tips on self-isolation and ways to keep family members safe.


Primary care physicians provide the following services:

  • Symptom evaluation and treatment plan formulation;
  • Comprehensive home care and virus management until full recovery of the patient.

“Success of each business certainly depends on superior quality of its services. However, loyalty, trust and support towards each customer and the community at large is no less important. That is precisely why TBC Insurance continues to prioritize individual lives and is committed to bringing relief and support for the everyday. Our consistent support amidst the pandemic is a reaffirmation of our values—this time, in the form of the joint initiative of TBC Insurance and REDMED, the COVID-19 Assistance Program, which aims to simplify access to primary health care completely free of charge.” – Paata Ghadzadze, Chief Executive Officer of TBC Insurance.

It is important to note that the COVID-19 remote management program primary care physicians at REDMED have completed a special training course, conducted by Dr. Giorgi Kurdghelashvili, infection expert, Head of the Department of Medicine at Oklahoma City Federal Clinics and associated professor at Oklahoma University.

To learn more about the free program, please, click the following link: