How to Keep Kids Entertained on Holiday

Remote learning has forced kids to sit in four walls most of the time, which is why their chance to spend the 2021 winter vacation at home might not sound as exciting as it did before. However, that might not even be an issue if you have thought ahead and devised a plan to entertain your little one throughout this important part of the year.

The following tips are bound to make the winter vacation significantly more exciting and trouble-free—both for you and your children.

Ask your kid to make a list of every single fun activity they can think of. This should take up plenty of time and guarantee days of fun and excitement for your little one. Try to allocate each one of these activities to a specific day and come up with a corresponding theme, which is bound to make the entire week consistently stimulating and truly unique. For example:

Monday = Winter Wonderland: If you end up somewhere in the mountains with plenty of snow, your kids will definitely enjoy a snowball fight and pine cone collection. Once you return home, you may spend the rest of the evening watching fascinating nature-themed shows as well.

Tuesday = Pajama Party: Put on your favorite pajamas and have a pillow fight, do some reading and binge-watch movies together.

Wednesday = Indoor Olympics: You may come up with a variety of indoor obstacles and brainteasers and then spend an entire day overcoming and solving them with your little ones. Old cushions and pillows will certainly come in handy—you might even use them to set up a DIY Don’t Step in the Lava! obstacle course. 

Thursday = Home Theater ან Home Cinema: Ask your kid to bring their favorite fairy-tale, animation or film to life by adopting the role of a protagonist and the narrator.

Friday = Game Day: Lay out your kid’s favorite games, including board games, video games and any other kind you might think of, and suggest an all-day marathon.

Written by: Likuna Khazaradze