How to keep kids motivated for distance learning

Distance learning is the new back-to-school reality. Motivating kids to engage with schoolwork was hard enough in pre-pandemic times, but they are far more likely to display indolence with distance learning.

And the worst part is, it is virtually impossible not to reality with the little ones amidst this tough time. With the classroom so far away and all the toys and countless sources of fun within their reach, they are bound to focus on the latter.

However, the following tips certainly promise to make the new reality much easier to handle—both for yourself and your little ones: 


Motivation comes from the so-called “reward center” of the human brain, which releases the neurotransmitter dopamine. To put it in simple terms, dopamine is the chemical that makes us feel good, activating and energizing our brain.

The level of dopamine rises when we experience positive emotions, praise or virtually any kind of reward. Therefore, our motivation levels increase. It would safe to say that the level of dopamine determines whether or not our kid is motivated.

That is why you should try to praise your little one as often as possible, give kudos for the slightest effort and make sure you reward them afterwards.

Less stress

One of the biggest enemies of dopamine is stress, which happens to inhibit the pre-frontal cortex from functioning properly. And the pre-frontal cortex is the very part of the brain that is responsible for thinking and intellectual ability.

In order for your little one to be more enthusiastic and driven when it comes to learning, make sure you abstain from constant nagging and reproval (which only causes stress levels to rise, diminishing children’s motivation for learning) and try to come up with an exciting perspective from which to approach schoolwork and each of their classes. 

Encourage learning, not doing schoolwork 

Have you ever seen an intrinsically unmotivated kid?

I certainly have not.

Kids are born curious and naturally enjoy learning something new.

If your child refuses to do homework, focus on learning. Going to school should not be about doing homework, but rather about learning. 

In order to keep your kids truly motivated about learning, they need to be truly enjoying the learning process.

Written by Likuna Khazaradze