TBC Insurance supports vaccination against COVID-19

Here. Now - The mission of TBC Insurance is to make people’s lives easier, and this entails supporting the vaccination. In order to provide safe environment for its customers, the company aims to be actively involved in the vaccination program.

Currently, all matters concerning vaccination are managed solely by the government. The company expressed its readiness to get involved in the non-mandatory vaccination of insured customers at the earliest possibility and without any commercial interest. Initial information suggests that this could involve offering vaccines at interest free rates and possible co-financing. 

“TBC Insurance aims to provide rapid and efficient support to its customers in the fight against the virus and to simplify this process as much as possible.  The single most effective, efficient and proven means against the virus is vaccination. It is our corporate social responsibility to do everything to ensure our clients can live in a safe environment, Here. Now” - Paata Ghadzadze, General Director of TBC Insurance.  

To guarantee maximum comfort for insured clients, the company aims to engage in logistical processes related to vaccination, booking and allocating time or place for vaccination and dealing with other related issues. 

Since the first case of Coronavirus was identified in the country, TBC Insurance has been working non-stop to guarantee its staff and clients a safe environment.
With the aim of providing a customized, comfortable and safe setting, the company sped up the process of full digitalization and the implementation of automated processes, allowing customers to get any insurance- related services online, remotely. 

Within the frames of its corporate social responsibility policy, TBC Insurance created a GEL 300,000 fund in support of the doctors fighting COVID-19. This aid has been allocated to more than 80 medical personnel who have been infected with the virus during their work. Every step in support of the vaccination efforts will be planned and executed considering the company’s CSR policies.