Get a free online consultation with a pediatrician

To make all our lives easier, TBC Insurance is offering a new service: if you are a TBC Health Insurance client, you now have the chance to take advantage of a free consultation offered by the REDMED Online Pediatrics Clinic.

Video consultations with a pediatrician are available 24/7. Keep in mind that in the first week following the consultation, you will be able to reconnect with the specialist without any charge.  

Use a  pediatrician video consulting session, if you:

  • seek medical advice;
  • have a question regarding the health of your child;
  • need advice from a qualified doctor about newborn care;
  • seek alternate medical advice;
  • need to consult a doctor without leaving your home, any time of the day and night;
  • are looking for a trustworthy professional, and favor transparency of customer recommendations.

You can sign up for a video-consultation with the pediatrician of your choice using the REDMED application or website. If you haven’t started using the REDMED services yet, download the app by visiting this link.