Health Insurance Managers of the VIP Service 2

The love for interpersonal relationships was the key factor in my decision to take the position of the VIP health insurance manager two years ago. Helping people brings lots of joy and satisfaction; I daily communicate with numerous clients who call, ask for my advice and help, and if not for the love of people, I guess it would be hard for me to deliver a high-quality service with great professionalism. Since every person I communicate with is different, each of them needs a certain approach, special attention and care, so that they feel that what we do is not done just for the sake of work, but is done wholeheartedly.

In today’s reality, where everyone is constantly in a hurry, proper time management is especially important. Therefore, the online services provided to our customers need to be simple, fast and convenient. For that reason, it’s my priority to plan every step so that the insured get the service in an easy and fast way, ultimately saving their time.

As we are dealing with one’s health, it’s not a surprise that I usually have to cope with stressful situations, where often every minute is crucial. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment I experience as a result of my hard work.

In customer relations, because it’s important for us to react quickly to each case reported, we also pay as much attention to the mode of communication. In this way the customers feel our support, kindness and reliability, knowing they will receive competent answers and advice from a trusted person on relevant topics. In my experience, it’s also quite important to have a friendly relationship with the insured clients, helping them speak openly about the sensitive issues regarding their health, resulting in cooperation and finding the solution jointly, taking care of the most important matter – the physical and mental wellbeing of a person.


First and foremost, it’s the text message or a call from a grateful client that motivates me to work even better every day. For me, their gratitude and kind words are the proof that the time and effort I’ve spend are worth it. That’s when I get assured that I have truly made the life of at least one more person easier.