Homeowners insurance is a lot more than meets the eye

„I wake up in the morning to a pond in my doorway.“ – Larisa Gogeshvili, Lab Assistant

You must have stepped back in right after stepping out of your place just to check your windows, stove, tap or lock—simply to make sure you would find everything exactly as you left it upon return.

You have certainly taken a moment to listen closely to approaching footsteps in the silence, right before getting ready for sleep, thinking it must have been a sign of something horrible about to happen to your place.

Homeowners insurance dates back all the way to the 1600s and it was originally intended for the biggest risk faced at the time—fire at wooden homes.

Over centuries, this insurance product has changed quite a bit, and today, it is a truly universal product that may be easily customized to the needs and budget of virtually any customer.

"This loss this big has made me realize that it is actually an absolute must to have your home insured—simply to be able to sleep in peace." – Mikheil Razmadze, Aircraft Supervisor 

Most importantly, you may now get homeowners insurance in as little as 30 minutes—virtually anywhere, without even being at home, for as low as GEL 12 per month.

„The fee was amusingly low. I mean it.“ – Mikheil Razmadze

You get insurance for everything that’s on your mind 

Interior plumbing and drainage

In order for you to feel comfortable at home, plumbing, heating and electrical systems must be perfectly functional at all times. It is precisely homeowners insurance that comes in handy in case of sudden malfunction of any of these systems. 

„The pressure ended up rising at night, leading to rupture of the tap. As a result, the entire doorway and living room were flooded.“ – Larisa Gogeshvili

Water leak from a neighboring property

Water leak is one of the most common phenomena, leading to immense discomfort and sizeable financial loss. TBC Insurance will compensate all your costs incurred as a result of a leak from a neighboring property—including internal cladding, furniture and equipment. 

Our homeowners insurance will also compensate your neighbor for any damage caused by you, thus allowing you to avoid the relatively well-known awkwardness that tends to follow such incidents.

„My neighbor called, saying that water was leaking through my apartment, drenching their entire bedroom wall.“ – Ketevan Nemsitsveradze, Veterinarian 

Fire, explosion and smoke damage

Being the initial reasons for homeowners insurance, fire and explosions continue to be an integral element of the popular insurance product to this day.

„Insurance is a must—particularly if you have two kids at home, who might end up igniting fire.“ – Larisa Gogeshvili

„What I used to be most concerned about is the high risk of my wooden home catching fire.”– Giorgi Gagoshidze, Artist

Theft, burglary, robbery, vandalism 

Feelings of security and safety are no less important than peace of mind. Homeowners insurance insures your dwelling, renovation works and favorite furniture against any damage from adversaries of any sort.

Natural disasters

Hail, flood, high winds and lighting strikes are beyond human control, which is precisely why homeowner’s insurance has got you covered for damage caused by any of these common natural disasters.

Now that you know that homeowners insurance is a lot more than meets the eye, get it for your home from virtually anywhere. All it takes is just 30 seconds.

Or simply leave us your number and we’ll make sure to provide additional info for your convenience.