Provider Relations and Claims Team

Tsotne Mikava

Provider Relations Manager

Hello, I’m Tsotne Mikava and I’d like to tell you all about the department that ensures you have access to the largest network of providers.

When it comes health insurance, every single step must be taken with the interests of the insured in mind. 

Here, at the Provider Relations Department, we take tracking of referrals and customer satisfaction very seriously.

Once we notice a relatively high rate of referrals and level of satisfaction, we immediately negotiate with medical institutions to ensure better terms, better service and high degree of convenience for our customers. A great example of that is the digitalization of services, which has made remote referrals possible at over 25 clinics by now. The obvious benefits, such as remote compensation or consultation with a family physician certainly go without saying.

As a result, access to insurance benefits and a variety of available services becomes considerably more effortless than ever before.

One of our major promises upon launching corporate health insurance was effortless accessibility, which is exactly why we made sure to create the largest network of provider clinics on the market.

Based on the latest data, we are currently partnering with over 300 clinics across Georgia. That allows our customers the freedom to take advantage of our copay service at virtually any clinic—the kind they know and trust. As a result, they save time and money.

Ana Kanchaveli

Dental Claims Manager

It is safe to say that virtually everyone would agree about the significance and value of dental coverage when it comes to health insurance. That is precisely why the nature of approach to our customers and the quality of our services are imperative in our everyday work.

It is common knowledge that dentist appointments tend to be scary and often lead to sizeable expenses.

We have made it our life’s work to break down the common stereotypes associated with dentistry and to urge our customers to believe in the idea of convenient and pleasurable dental procedures. That is where genuinely competent providers and a knowledgeable insurance team come into the picture.

We constantly strive to partner with superior dental clinics and to minimize claim settlement times, in order to ensure a superior experience with our service.

When it comes to customer relations, I always look at the service satisfaction indicators and make sure they demonstrate steady growth.

I view each day at work is a brand-new challenge and I strive to minimize claim settlement times, so that each customer of TBC Insurance is happy and satisfied.

The work I do is quite complex. In addition to having to take the customer’s needs and wants into consideration, I must maintain a solid working relationship with our providers and make sure that they, too, are happy with our partnership.

I measure my success at the end of each day by the quality of effort made and all of the abilities put to good use.