TBC Insurance create B Bot - first insurance bot. From now , you can buy travel insurance with the help of a Bot.

B Bot lives in Facebook Messenger and is available for 7 days a week at any time of the day.

ბი ბოტის ლოგო

With the help of B Bot you can buy travel insurance for you and for your friends. For this, you need to find out B Bot at Facebook and write down that you want to buy insurance. The bot asks you a few simple questions and after getting the information you will pay the cost of the insurance without leaving your chat. Travel insurance policy will be sent to the e-mail and SMS to your mobile number as indicated by SMS.

After that you can travel calmly and submit an electronic insurance policy when crossing the border.

B Bot is first Georgian insurance bot, it creates massive comfort and consumes time.

B Bot is developing very quickly and soon will be able to introduce other insurance products beside travel insurance.

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