Critical illness insurance

Preventive health care is a sensible way to take charge of your health and prevent unpleasant emergencies with unexpected recovery costs. Critical illness insurance from TBC Insurance with flexible pricing options is a great way to protect yourself and a significant investment in your physical and financial wellbeing.

This insurance product offers coverage for the following seven illnesses:

•    Invasive (stages II, III, IV) and pre-invasive stages of malignant cancer
•    Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
•    Benign brain cancer
•    Aortocoronary bypass
•    Stroke
•    Cerebral hemorrhage
•    Blindness

You are free to customize the package and set the limit as well. That’s how we determine the annual deductible you’ll be expected to pay.
There is a 3-month waiting period after you sign up for the policy, which means that you become eligible to collect the benefit of your policy if diagnosed when the three months have passed. Collection is fast and effortless, with guaranteed lump sum benefit payment.

Critical illness insurance comes with a variety of other benefits as well. If diagnosed with a critical illness, TBC Insurance promises to put you in touch with MEDIGUIDE, our American partner upon request. MEDIGUIDE will seek second opinion on your diagnosis and treatment plan at leading global medical clinics. May you choose to get treatment abroad, MEDIGUIDE will also assist you with your trip, accommodation and treatment.

Critical illness insurance allows you to get compensated for costs incurred as a result of deterioration of health. Most importantly, you may request insurance coverage for your underage children at no additional cost as well.

Critical illness insurance is available to individuals aged 18-61 or existing customers of TBC Concept. Buy online: