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SIEM REAP is one of the cities of Cambodia. I visited this place two years ago and I was excited by its beauty.

სახლები დგას წყალში მარალ ფეხებზე

Near the city, in the jungle, ten minutes walked away from the temples - ANGKOR, which I needed 4 days to visit.

ძალიან ლამაზი ქვის ნაგებოობა

I was particularly excited by TA PROHM , which is built in the twelfth cave and is located in the eastern part of the city.

ხე ამოსულია ქვებზე

Monkeys are a lot in the city. They are lovely and dangerous also, so you should be careful to not to steal any thing.

პატარა საყვარელი მაიმუნი

I wish everyone to visit this place, especially in the morning, when sun is rising , there is complete silence.

ულამაზესი ხედი

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