Medical Second Opinion (MSO)

Unfortunately, each one of us is potentially at risk of life-threatening diseases. However, thanks to modern medicine, early diagnosis and treatment are certainly an option. All that really matters at critical times like this is availability of the right amount of financing.

Critical and oncological illness insurance bundles from TBC Insurance promise the exact amount of financial, physical and emotional support you may need when dealing with a critical disease. Freedom to seek medical second opinion (MSO) is one of many perks of these bundles.

Despite the 3-month waiting period after signing up for the policy, if diagnosed with a critical illness, you may still take advantage of the MSO service from the very first day. What this really means is that TBC Insurance will put you in touch with MEDIGUIDE, our American partner, may you wish to do so. MEDIGUIDE will then seek both second opinion on your diagnosis and the right treatment plan at leading clinics around the world.

This allows you to receive official expert opinion from the following clinics:

•    Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals—United States);
•    Philadelphia International Medicine —United States;
•    University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)—United States;
•    Kings College of London – London, United Kingdom and more.

You now know how insurance for potential diseases guarantees to eliminate a number of problems in the future. Most importantly, it promises a chance to focus on your health instead of financial matters, if you ever end up facing a critical issue.

Critical and oncological illness insurance is available to individuals aged 18-61 or existing customers of TBC Concept.

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