On the Shape of Love by Nestan Nene Kvinikadze

I could easily list a myriad versions of what I think love is. I could, as a matter of fact, say that love is an act of purging oneself of the minutiae, a self-conquest of sorts, and propinquity with the Secret.
It is a state midway between a subject and a word, imagination and reality. This state of being is both acoustic and visual. And amusing, too, at times.

Photograph: Nata Sofromadze

I also believe that regardless of the number of stories we get to tell, it is our love affairs that others find the most captivating. And that actually makes sense, as love is the single most valuable and fascinating possession.

There’s a bunch of other things, too… But as I close my eyes and imagine the state of being in love, I can only picture Galaktion’s following scene: 

May the peacocks fall like snow,
Snow upon the palisades.

Never have I ever caught a glimpse of anything this dear to me.