Mental Health for Wholesome Living—New coverage category from TBC Insurance

TBC Insurance has been setting the bar on the local insurance market high since its initial entry. By pioneering methodical processes and developing new ecosystems, the company has contributed to rapid simplification and digitization of insurance in Georgia.

Health insurance from TBC Insurance has been around for 3 years now, known for its unrivalled customer service. Over 35,000 employees at more than 400 local and international companies, including US Embassy, Embassy of Israel, Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, Samsung, Knauf, ALTA, and Majorel, are signed up for health insurance with TBC Insurance.

The pandemic and global crises of the past few years have brought mental health into focus. It has become increasingly difficult to remain emotionally stable and live a truly wholesome life.

“We believe that mental health is as important as physical wellness. That is precisely why we have come to a unanimous decision to introduce mental health coverage into our health plans, so that our customers have access to professional support whenever they need to.”Paata Ghadzadze, Chief Executive Officer of TBC Insurance

With the new coverage category, Mental Health for Wholesome Living, customers can consult with therapists or psychiatrists of their choice with 50% copay.

TBC Insurance cares for the wellbeing of its customers and strives to make healthcare services as effortless for them as possible—through personalized service and introduction of latest standards on the market.

You can book a consultation by claiming referral in TBC Insurance App or with the assistance of a family doctor.