During pre-travel preparations – when every minute counts to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything – make sure you remember travel insurance. Now you can get insured without leaving home with TBC INTERNET BANK.

Travel insurance acquired online will be sent to your email, meaning you can conveniently present it at border control straight from your phone.

გოგონა ბეჭდავს ლეპტოპში

Besides the ease of buying travel insurance online, we have yet another feature to make this process as easy and fast as possible: you can obtain travel insurance in advance for a whole year – simply pick the number of travel days you want insured, and don’t worry about having to buy travel insurance before every single trip.

Travel days will be automatically deducted when you’re abroad. For example, if you purchase 30 travel days for the year and fly out for 5 days in January, 25 insured travel days will still be waiting for you the next time you decide to leave the country.