Property is highly valued in Georgia. However, if we look back on our past, it’s undeniable that we tend to think about insurance for this property only after it sustains some sort of damage. Most of us don’t have the means to withstand a serious financial hit so we are forced to scavenge for loans and assistance, which is stressful, humiliating, and exhausting.

It is specifically during this period of financial hardship that conversations about the need for property insurance become prevalent. This is when we start discussing the “what if”-s and the “I should have”-s and we realize that a well-selected insurance policy would have saved us a lot of trouble.

What else does a Business Property Insurance policy cover?

Along with Property Insurance, TBC offers Business Interruption Insurance. This can replace your revenue if you have to close your doors and temporarily terminate business activities due to property damage such as fire. Business Interruption Insurance can help pay: rent, salaries, taxes, loans.

Repairing a damaged office or store can be expensive, but repairs are not the only expense businesses face. As long as you can’t open your doors, you can’t bring in revenue. This is called “business interruption”. If you have Property Insurance without Business Interruption Insurance you could still be in serious financial trouble, therefore Business Interruption Insurance is an essential survival tool for small businesses and vital for the protection of your property and profit, and the salaries and peace of mind of your employees.

a well-selected commercial insurance policy also sends a strong message to your partners - that you are a trusted and responsible player with long-term, stable intentions.

ბიჭი საყვარელი ჰალსტუხით

What should we consider when choosing an insurance company?

Your insurance company should be strong and well-established, but it is also worth paying attention to it's partner reinsurance companies and partners companies. TBC Insurance is the member of TBC Bank Group, one of the biggest bank groups.

TBC Insurance's international insurance partners include the highly regarded companies such as Scor Se, Hannover Re and Swiss Re. All three reinsurers have been rated ‘AA’ by the S&P global ratings.

Givi Pantsulaia, TBC Insurance corporate sales manager:
The idea that property insurance is an additional cost and burden because the property might never get damaged has been proven wrong for quite some time now. This is especially true because of the recent past large-scale accidents and payouts. Many misfortunes in the business world have shown that effective insurance decisions should be taken into the consideration right from the beginning.

TBC Insurance has appeared on the market only 7 months ago but despite this short period of time we have managed to create a substantial amount of property insurance portfolio.

Gia Bazghadze, The chairman of supervisory committee of Cavea and Rustaveli Cinemas:
It is embedded in human psychology to think that nothing will happen to them, when in fact, it is impossible to plan for the life ahead. That’s why it is important to insure the unexpected. The Cavea Cinema chain is insured by TBC Insurance. Our insurance policy also includes Business Interruption Insurance and Civil Liability Insurance. We no longer worry about our business.