In the modern-day Georgia 20% of the kids don’t have Internet access.

“I would use internet for my studies and to watch interesting movies,” says Teona from the Preseti settlement. Giorgi needs Internet to have access to more information and learn English, his interests include History and current events.

ბიჭი საჩუქრით

How can we help Teona, Giorgi and other adolescents achieve their goals?

With the help of the Foundation “Educare Georgia” that created the project “Charte's.”

On the webpage - any citizen or organization can become a supporter of the project and financially assist school-age children of socially vulnerable families by buying them personal computers or paying their monthly Internet bills.

Why it Matters?

Access to the Internet is not only a wonderful way to have access to information for homework, but it also broadens the horizons of the world and presents wider opportunities.

“It is important to give educational opportunities to children but it is quite different to give them an inspiration to study, a perception of the modern world and a reevaluation of their future opportunities, this is what generates the motivation to acquire knowledge and creates a hope to put education to use,” says the “Charte” project description.

გოგონები საჩუქრით

The Educare Georgia project started in the Tserovani refugee settlement; The organization plans to give internet access to 83 schoolchildren, from 10th to 12th grade.

As of November 21st, 2017: 42 students are online. 139 supporters help their mission to connected to the rest of the world.

One of the students, along with Giorgi and Teona, is Darejani who loves biology and is Interested in civil education.

ქალი საჩუქრით ხელში

TBC Insurance is one supporter of “Charte.”

Davit Kiguradze, Deputy CEO of TBC Insurance:

“In today’s fast-changing world it is important for every single child to have access to the immense source of information; for them connection to Internet creates new opportunities.”

The first step before connection is computer ownership. TBC Insurance decided to purchase computers for the kids in the Preseti settlement.

გოგონა დგას ცალი ხელით დოინჯით

Others are waiting to be connected. Teo plans to use the World Wide Web to do homework and watch Interesting shows. Natia and Giorgi would love to find out more about history and Georgian literature.

You can also become a supporter: go to the  “Charte” webpage and if you are ready to assist students to connect to the Internet in Tserovani for 1 GEL a day. You can become the 140th supporter of the project.

In Preseti, 41 out of 83 children are still waiting.