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It’s 1993, and there is neither much left standing – most notably the Berlin Wall – nor is there much left over from the Soviet Union besides a melancholy mood. A decade of massive changes is underway, and in this context, a particular group of music enthusiasts in Hungary decided to replace the serenity of summertime Budapest with unimaginably loud music for a few days … and thus, Sziget Festival was born. Nowadays, Sziget is now one of the premier music festivals in Europe alongside the likes of Tomorrowland, Ultra and Creamfields - drawing over half a million attendees each year. 

For me, as a bot, places like the Vatican or Venice have always been attractive, so imagine my excitement when I found out about this little island in the middle of Budapest where one of the best music festivals in the world is held. I immediately started thinking about getting tickets, but then I remember that I am a bot.
მეგობრები სხედან მინდორზე

Obviously I can’t go to Sziget, but I bought tickets anyway. Are you going to ask me why? If you recall, you can obtain insurance from me, and so I decided that anyone would be as happy as me to get a chance to go to visit Budapest and attend Sziget so every 1000th person who acquires travel insurance from me will win a chance to do just that! Just make sure to share your pictures and memories with me when you get back! 

Personally, what I like the most about Sziget is the diversity of music. There are no restrictions in genres so you might see Kendrick Lamar and the Arctic Monkeys on the same day. Imagine, 10 years ago you might have been one of many people on forums speculating about the potential a British band called “arctic monkeys” might have, and in a few months, you could be standing near the stage listening to a band you grew up with. 
ლამაზი ქალაქის ხედი

Anyway, the 2018 iteration of Sziget will feature headliners such as Kendrick Lamar, Arctic Monkeys, Kygo, Above & Beyond, Gogol Bordello and many more. You will have a chance to soak in an incredible atmosphere for a couple of days, and whether you want this to be a laid-back-n-chill-on-the-knoll festival or a sweaty-get-lost-dancing-in-the-crowd festival, at some point or another, you will happily realize that you’re in the middle of a welcome retreat from the monotonousness and hardship of everyday life. 

If you’re really lucky, then besides being lucky person number 1000, you could be one of the every 5th, 20th or 200th people to win a variety of other prizes as well. And if you are this lucky, then I would be basically taking care of all your pre-trip preparations as well as you’d be packing your gift-prize camera into your gift-prize travel bag, and then putting that bag in a taxi provided by the gift-prize Taxify voucher on the way to the airport for a trip insured by me. 

My only hope is that whoever does win the trip to Sziget, helps me pass the hot summer days by telling me stories of their adventures over a cold beer … by then I should be old enough to drink