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In 1879, 8-year-old Maria was travelling with her parents in Spain when she drifted off the road while daydreaming and fell into a hole like Alice chasing the white rabbit.
Having fallen in the hole, Maria discovered the most beautiful paintings on the walls. Today, they are known as the Altamira Caves. Art, as we know it today, started with primitive Paleolithic drawings on the walls of caves.

ბევრი შეერტებული ნახატი

Since then, humanity has witnessed the likes of Da Vinci, Botticelli, Picasso, and even a painter – Aivazovsky – who didn’t do anything besides paint seas his whole life. There probably isn’t much that would really awe and shock people today because we have seen masterpieces like the Sistine Chapel and the Black Square. Specifically due to this, contemporary art has introduced a new trend – the art installation, which adds a third dimension to art, and is thereby able to continue to surprise and impress people.
ფერადი იატაკი

The idea of “stepping” into the world of painting was conceived by installation-artist Michel Kuzigu quite a long time ago. He found enough space in Paris to bring the creations of the Austrian artists – Gustav Klimt and Friedensreich Hundertwasser - into the real world to give visitors an unforgettable experience with the use of enormous images, space and lighting. So if you find yourself in Paris, be sure to check out “the Atélier des Lumières” exhibition.
გუსტავ კლიმტის კოცნა

One of the main appeals of art installations is that they can be seen outside of the typical boring art gallery exhibition space; artists often try to use urban landscapes or nature to complement their installations.

სარკეები სანაპიროზე ზღვის პირას

For instance, the Danish architectural studio “Gjøde & Partnere Arkitekter” has put together such an installation on the coast of Australia, which gives beachgoers the sensation that they’re surrounded by water on every side.
ზღვის ლამაზი სანაპირო

One of the main achievements of modern art – including installations – is that we might meet it in places where we least expect it.

ლამაზი სასახლე

For example, visitors to Coachella who went to listen to Beyoncé probably had no plans to visit any cathedrals, and yet Italian artist Eduardo Tressoldi made just such a “Baroque”-style surprise for the Hippie-dressed patrons of the legendary festival.

Author: Irina Beriashvili
Source: artsy.net