Everything started with America … or rather, with a plane ticket to New York I was given for my birthday. I had been saving up money all year awaiting November but, they rejected my visa.

There are many things to see on this Earth so I didn’t lose too much sleep over this. I got on my computer and immediately booked a ticket to Milan just to straighten out my mood and then gave “Milan” to “any destination” a search on Skyscanner. Apparently, a round-trip ticket to Buenos Aires cost only 560 Euros. I couldn’t go to New York, but with my year’s worth of savings, I could see Argentina – something I had always dreamed of!

სანაპირო ქვშიანი

How do you plan a trip to Argentina? I’ll try to itemize the information as best as I can. I’ll tell you about extraordinary places I visited in Argentina.
საჰაერო ბუშტები და სხვა ლამაზი რაღცები

Buenos Aires is such a big city, that it is impossible to see it all in two or three days. Since I only had two days and I wanted to see the whole city on the first day, I took advantage of a tourist bus.

პალმა ლამაზია

A 2-day ticket cost around 20 euros and included a 10-part audio guide, complete freedom to get on and off the bus at any stop in the city as much as you want, open spaces, and excellent music – a great choice for city touring indeed.
უცნაური სასტუმროები

Puerto Madryn - You can buy a tour-package at any tourist center, agency, hostel or hotel in the city.

ბევრი ნავი წყალში

There are two main routes – Peninsula Valdes and Punta Tombo. On the Valdez Peninsula, you can see several types of camels, owls, small colonies of Magallanic penguins, and most importantly, you can go out into the gulf by boat to see whales.

აქლემები ყავს ხალხს

This will be the “big show” of the day, because if you’re planning to go to Punta Tombo the following day, you will certainly get your share of penguins there. 350,000 penguins live in Punta Tombo, making it the largest penguin colony.

პინგვინები და აქლემი

Here, you can also swim with sea lions, which is a truly remarkable experience.

ბევრი ადამიანი ერთად

Ushuaia – Fin Del Mundo – “the end of the world”. This city, with its misleading name, is the most intriguing city on the tour, guaranteed to fulfill your dreams. Anyone’s heart would start racing when they imagine being here: taking a picture next to a sign that says “the end of the world”, getting a penguin seal stamped in your passport upon arrival with the inscription “Antarctic Gate”, sailing out into the Patagonia Archipelago and seeing the last lighthouse of the world while listening to sea lions roar. There’s a reason why Ushuaia is always filled with millions of tourists.
ყინულის ლოდები

El Calafate is a small, cozy city. The main reason for visiting is to see the “mother of all icebergs” – the Perito Moreno Glacier. You can obtain a tour package straight from any hotel, and it doesn’t really matter which tour you choose because this visit will be unforgettable regardless.

თოვლისა და მზის კომბინაცია

You can also see El Chaltén, which is a 1-day tour. The trekking capital of Argentina is certainly a must visit for those that are into hiking.

ხალხი დგას ჩანჩქერთან ხიდზე

Puerto Iguazú - The Iguazú waterfalls have two sides – the Argentine and the Brazilian side. It is impossible not to be struck by awe with the sight of 270 waterfalls cascading into the Garganta del Diablo – the devil’s throat. You really get the sense as if a giant is gobbling down all the water in the world, and just when you start feeling as if the giant might swallow you too, three or more rainbows can appear on the water and everything starts over.

უცნაური და ლამაზი ჩანჩქრები

This is raw emotion as you get overcome with a desire to cry, yell, laugh, love and then cry again as you discover that you’ve been standing there awestruck looking at the waterfalls and all the while water from those waterfalls is getting you and your gadgets wet. All romanticism aside, make sure you take appropriate measures to waterproof your belongings; especially electronics.