Starting July 15th, insure your car with the best policy terms in TBC Insurance – and receive up to 100 liters of fuel for FREE.

Furthermore, you can enjoy special benefits for a whole year:

  • 0.15 GEL discount on fuel at all Wissol petrol stations.
  • 50% discount on car-wash services at partner car washing centers.

ადამიანები კაბრიოლეტში

To receive all the aforementioned benefits, insure your vehicle with our full package: 

  • Automobile insurance
  • Motor third party liability insurance
  • Driver and passenger accident insurance

There are two benefits packages, which are based on whether or not the value of your vehicle exceeds 17 500 GEL or 30 000 GEL.

Benefit pack #1: > 17 500 GEL

  • 50 liters of fuel at Wissol petrol stations
  • 0.15 GEL discount on Wissol fuel.
  • 50% discount on unlimited car washe services for 1 year

Benefit pack #2: > 30 000 GEL

  • 100 liters of fuel at Wissol petrol stations
  •  0.15 GEL discount on Wissol fuel
  •  50% discount on unlimited car washes for 1 year

You can obtain TBC insurance across Georgia at: