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You never know what to expect” – this phrase probably most accurately describes the experience of a hostel. These affordable and non-orthodox spaces are perfect for creating new adventures. Meeting all sorts of unique people plays the biggest role in this. You encounter everyone from college students, to politicians, to old soap opera actors. No matter how regular your day starts, you never know whom you’ll end up sharing a drink with at the end of it. Being locked up in a luxurious hotel room pales in comparison to the extraordinary moments you experience here.

პალმა სახლთან


Who doesn’t want to see the Northern Lights? Now imagine seeing this unbelievable phenomenon straight from your window. This is possible if you say at @7fellshostel in Finland. The hostel is even more impressive because of the fact that the hostel is made of wood, which makes it especially cozy and leaves you with a sense that you are the only person witnessing this marvel.

ჩრდილოეთის ციალი

In the Barcelona hostel @toc, you can feel like a real pop star. This is the hostel where 50 Cent shot a music video, making the hostel quite popular. This hostel is equipped with everything to make you feel like a rock star – the outdoor pool, assortment of drinks and delicious dishes could be deemed worthy of a 5-star hotel. What more could you wish for? The service of a hotel and the charm of a hostel all in one.

ლამაზი შენობა და პალმები წითელ ფონზე

Wes Anderson’s aesthetics are felt at hostel @aniandhaakien with its colorfulness, and avant-garde style, which creates a vintage and slightly strange environment. There are many other things that can be said about this place, but the sense of its vividness and the sense of being a movie star is much more palpable in person.

ვინტაჟური ოტახი და საპირფარეშო

Who doesn’t like floating on water? Now imagine spending a night at a floating hostel. At @arkabarkafloatinghostel in Serbia, you can do just that. The view looks out to the Danube River. Their message is to stay in the city and feel the nature. The hostel is especially appealing for roller blade and bicycle lovers with all of its special trails. For those who prefer to walk, Belgrade city center is only a 20-minute walk away.

სახლი ტბის პირას და ველოსიპედები

And at @kadir’steehouse in Turkey, you can make all your childhood dreams come true – tree houses, rock climbing, diving and snorkeling and swimming in pristine waters. These are just some of the things that you can do here and unlike when you were a child, no one will stop you from doing anything you want. A youthful nightclub right next door ensures that you’re busy and engulfed in adventures both day and night.

ხის სახლი

@Selina Manuel Antonio hostel is very close to paradise. The day starts with a “greeting of the sun”, which is led by professional yoga instructors. The hostel promotes a healthy lifestyle. Chefs prepare foods with only natural products. In addition to stimulating physical activity, creative endeavors that have a therapeutic effect on the vacationer are also encouraged. This is a great place for finding adventures, and if you’re bold enough, you can even join the hostels surf club.

ზღვა, ტალრები, აუზი

With a hostel, you get to pay half the price for twice the fun. So get ready for maximum benefits with minimal cost. Bon voyage!