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As the plane approached the Mediterranean coast, the view of Barcelona unfolded from the sky. And although the plane was being slightly rocked by turbulence, bells were ringing, and my dream was slowly getting closer and closer.

საგრადა ფამილია

It is all as if the Spanish aviation system cares about the predisposition of its tourists and strives to incorporate an aerial display of the city even before anyone lands, as symmetrical cubes appear before your eyes on your final approach like a grid, and Sagrada Família arises like a pencil piercing this neatly drawn grid paper.

Barcelona – such a beautiful horizon

Barcelona – like a jewel in the sun Let the songs begin

ძალიან ლამაზი შენობა

From the airport on the way to the city, we were met with the main billboard that read “Barcelona”. This is the road that Pedro Almodóvar’s main character took in his trip from Madrid to Barcelona. You enter the city from Avenue Diagonal, which cuts across the entirety of the city … diagonally. The first stop is Catalonia Square, from where the road to the coast starts.

All About My Mother

If you want to get to the beach, you will have to use the most famous street – La Rambla. The closer you get to the beach, the more nakedness meets the eye. On the left side of the road, you will see a sign for “La Boqueria”. This is perhaps one of the reasons that you often hear from Georgians that Catalans are very much like us, and in particular – Colchis.

ხალხი ბაზარში

In La Boqueria, you will find an ordinary building, filled with extraordinary fruit and seafood. It’s the type of bazaar that I used to go to with my grandma when I was little. Frequenting the bazaar is a ritual in Barcelona as well. You will find ladies wearing high-heel shoes, colorful summer hats and pearl earrings. If you love clothes, you should definitely visit this place.

ლამაზი პალმები

Continuing on your way to the beach, you will see Barcelona’s opera theater, and before we reach one of the most distinguished Spanish statues on the coast itself, I would like to tell you a little about the incredible La Rambla Avenue which is completely full of people during the day.

ლამაზი თეატრი

This street divides the city into two completely different parts. The difference and division is not only architectural in nature, but on either side, you encounter totally distinctive mentalities, beliefs, attitudes, and even smells. If you’re driving towards the coast, on your left-hand side you will encounter the Gothic quarter, where there are lots of small streets, low houses, and old monuments (we’ll spend more time on these streets later).

ზღვა და ნავსადგომი

On the right-hand side, there is a district that is quite mysterious and simultaneously light and dark … the streets are full of Almodóvar’s so-called “Agrados” – ladies whose function is to entertain men and release them into unforgettable freedom; hence they are called - “joys”. You will encounter scores of such women and men here, especially in the deeper, darker neighborhoods.

აგურისფერი შენობები

Ok, let’s get back to getting to the sea. As you arrive on the shore, a statue of Columbus, who is standing with his arm raised up and towards the sea, greets you. His stance is actually somewhat confusing because we all know that historically Columbus “discovered” America, however, his arm is pointing towards the coast of Tunisia and Algeria, which is, needless to say, completely in the opposite direction of “America”.

კაცის ქანდაკება

The golden sandy coastline and the Mediterranean Sea merge together splendidly, but as you move forward, you also come across tons of people in their birthday suit.

ზღვა და ქვიშის სანაპირო

Charmed with the sea, you now have two options: either to go back via the Gothic quarter, or go around Montjuïc mountain. From the peak of the mountain, spectacular views of both Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea unfold before you. In this big park, you will see the famous Olympic stadium and experience environments and architectures characteristic of all Spanish sides.

დიდი კაქტუსები

This is an ethnographic museum, but with real people, and real shops, galleries, restaurants, and much more – Spanish life and spirit swirls around the air. Leaving the ethnographic museum, from the steps of the Catalonia Art Museum, you see Plaza España – when looking at this long and broad street, you have to close your eyes, imagine a dancing fountain, the plaza crowded with people, and raise your hands – this is the place where Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé performed their incredible rendition of the song “Barcelona” in 1988.

ძალიან ლამაზი ფანტანი

On the other side of the square lies Arena de Barcelona – nowadays, it is a shopping center, but not even that long ago, it was a bull-fighting venue. It fact, it was the last bullfighting arena in commercial operation in Catalonia. For the record, the Parliament of Catalonia passed a law forbidding bullfighting that went into effect in 2012.

სუვენირების დახლები

While enjoying this view, you will surely notice Tibidabo amusement park. On this mountain, you will find a temple, topped with a sculpture of Christ overlooking the city with his arms raised up and out. Many liken this sculpture to the one of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro, only smaller.

დიდი სასახლე მთაზე

There is also a TV tower with distinctive architecture. However, in this city, when talking about architecture, the only name that should be mentioned is Gaudí. In this city full of ceramic tiles, every road leads you to a work of Gaudí.

Author: Giorgi Datukishvili