We first created Caravan “Traveling Den” for ourselves so we could travel around less touristic and remote parts of Georgia. Before that, with our travel experience, we went to all kinds of beautiful and untouchable places where sleeping arrangements were either scarce or nonexistent. These kinds of places in Georgia are more than I could think of.

We had this idea to create a house-on-wheels, which is budget friendly, multifunctional – serves as a transport, a home and as a diner. Most importantly, it’s eco-friendly.

Caravan offers travelers freedom to choose where to travel and where and when to spend the night. During transportation, you might end up with a whole new route as well. This helps many old or new resorts and regions to liven up and become more interesting in a touristic sense.

Creating our first “House on wheels” was so interesting and challenging, as well as the spectacular result, that we decided to keep going. Soon we came up with a new project and set up a large scale plan on how we could develop and grow more.

Naturally, this kind of journey is rather compelling. Imagine, we are creating a living space on wheels, which is mobile and doesn’t require for the surroundings to change or us to impact it harshly. (Construction, cutting down trees or moving heavy equipment on an intangible territory) House on wheels is a green alternative of traditional housing. With help of “Traveling Den” you can travel in a different environment, city, region and schedule is entirely up to your taste. The only thinking you have to do is deciding where it would feel good to wake up tomorrow morning – in the woods, in the mountains, at the seaside, near a river, waterfall or a canyon.

This year we moved with our caravan to Tsikhisdziri, Adjara for a whole month. On the coast of Black Sea, Tsikhisdziri is probably the wildest and untouchable place there is. Our wish was to camp at an uninhabited and rugged space with our caravan and tents, where we could host other travelers. During this one month we hosted many passers-by (Germany, France, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Japan, Iran, Austria, Georgia) almost all of them were backpackers coming from the mountains to the seaside and all of their journeys were thrilling and impressive.

We offer our customers a whole new direction to travel around Georgia and neighboring countries while having adventures, new challenges and exploring new places. Clients can travel with house on wheels either on their own, or at will join other similar groups and communities.

Besides these kinds of travelers, nowadays we meet more and more people who have a desire and an opportunity to work outside the office, away from the city. Respectively, our caravan is here to satisfy the needs of modern “nomads,” freelances and representatives of creative industry, these are the people who are constantly in search of inspiring places for motivational and relaxation purposes. Our home on wheels also gives people an opportunity to work in wild conditions, if required.

Since “Caravan” is an atypical housing space, our main goal was to utmostly assimilate every corner and detail and turn it into a functional, cozy, warm and a simple living space. We gladly managed to achieve this.

Caravan is being rented out with a 4x4 car and offers its guests a fully equipped kitchen, electricity, gas, water reservoir and bio toilet. We also offer outdoor furnishing – table, chairs, hammocks, tents and other attributes. Willingly, we plan our client’s route and give them helpful advice and share our experience so that they have a memorable trip and discover local, authentic feelings.

Conducting this process has been quite challenging and time consuming for our team, since this type of service has been nonexistent in Georgia before, you can face many obstacles on the way. We had to learn, clarify, research contacts and in some ways invent and conduct various experiments.

In conclusion, with help of “Caravan” we met lots of interesting people and travelers with whom we exchanged contact details and if not in Georgia, we will definitely be meeting them in their own countries.

Thanks to “Caravan” we discovered that in order to live a happy, full-fledged and healthy life, a person doesn’t need much at all.

Author: Ani Svanidze