TBC Insurance and TBC Bank offers small and medium business owners a new service: you can now insure your business from unforeseen circumstances at the bank. It’s important that our services be convenient and suitable for our customers, hence this saves their time and energy.

ბევრი კონტეინერი

At this stage, legal representatives can purchase three types of products at the bank: Vehicle, Property and Combined business insurance.

Vehicle insurance consists of car engine insurance, insuring driver and passenger from accidents and insurance regarding third person responsibility.

ტრაილერი და კონტეინერები

Vehicle insurance reimburses the following: car accidents, car theft, robbery, larceny, vandalism and against objects that fall on cars. For insuring a company owned vehicle, it’s vital that an authorized person shows up at the branch, it can be an executive head, financial executive, or a trusted individual. Only needed documents for car insurance are market value of the car and vehicle registration plate details.

Second product, which small and medium business owners in TBC Bank can purchase is Property Insurance. This product for small and medium businesses consists of: building insurance, property renovation insurance, hardware machinery insurance, electrical machinery and supply insurance.

ყავის და ჩაის ჭიქები

Property insurance refunds the following: Robbery, theft, burglary, accidents caused by vehicles, financial loss caused by natural disasters.

For insuring, the following information is important:

  1. Identification code of property owner;
  2. Detailed description and value of objects in the building;
  3. Defence and safety systems;
  4. Materials of property’s walls and roof.

After filling the form, subsequent to 5 calendar days, an insurance agent will take pictures of the property and extend the customer a final offer. In case of agreement, a customer will need to sign the policy at the bank, hence activating the insurance.

Our third product - Business Insurance is especially customized for small and medium businesses and unites three different products: property, building and business obstruction insurances.

ყავის კაფე

These are the preordained limits for purchasing the following products:

Property Insurance:

  • 30,000 GEL
  • 60,000 GEL
  • 120,000 GEL

Business Obstruction Insurance:

  • 10,000 GEL
  • 20,000 GEL
  • 40,000 GEL

Client by their wish will choose one from three stated limits.

Building insurance limit is two million.

ამწეს ააქვს კონტეინერი

Starting from today, insurance products can be purchased in 25 TBC Bank branches. Our customers who wish to secure this product can address legal sales adviser or a business banker at the bank.