Here, works of art move around the rooms freely, communicate with humans, sometimes they impact them and sometimes they are the ones changing depended on viewers actions. Here, human beings and art are blending into one another. Here, you are the artist and the work of art.

ძალიან ლამაზი ფერები

This is MORI Building Digital Art Museum.

No Matter the type of dreamer you are, it’s easy to get lost in materialistic reality and forget how unique our world is. Art is the answer of escaping the daily routine of life.

ბერადი დიდი ბუშტები

People who are fond of art usually try to dig deep into artist’s feelings and imagine themselves as part of their artwork. I too, remember strolling around Van Gogh’s wheat fields, or at night sitting on Gauguin’s Parisian magic bridge to throw flowers in the river.

Me and people who are like me can stop fantasizing since Mori’s digital art museum has already opened in Tokyo.

გოგონა ეხება ფერად კედელს

This is the type of place which can erase borders between the viewer and artwork.

Here you can impact your surroundings and make it look like you.

შუქებიტ შექმნილი ლამაზი ინსტალაცია

For this virtual reality to work, museum operates with 520 computers and 470 high technology projectors which unites 4 subjects: Science, Art, Technology and Design.

Museum has 5 different sections. First - “Borderless World” offers interactive digital landscapes, where viewers can create their own path in this nature.

ორი გოგონა

Here you can walk through digital waterfalls, touch glowing birds and walk around digital woods and fields. Seasons are constantly changing, so is what you see. Time passes, everything goes back to normal, yet nothing is the same as it was. Here, borders between viewers and artwork and installation and visitor disappear. Digital art keeps endlessly flowing. Present is constantly changing and transforming based on human’s actions.

ბიჭი უყურებს ლამაზ კედელს

Second section - “Athletics Forest” is where you can experience and perceive the surroundings with your body. It is a creative, physical space that trains spatial recognition ability by promoting the growth of the hippocampus of the brain.

განათებიტ შექმნილი კოსმოსი

Here you can jump between galaxies, travel in cosmic space, climb the hollows of the black hole or set balance on the bridge set between two planets that shines vibrantly.“Future Park” which is known as the third section is where you can intervene with art and participate in the creating process. Here you can choose the mood of the character and the state. You can put a butterfly on your hand or let it go once you are ready to move onto something else.

Next zone is “Forest of Lamps.” Viewer stands in a colorfully lit space and observes how lamps change during movements.

ისეთი სანათები, რპოგპორიც რაპუნცელშია

Last zone is “En Tea House,” If you ever wanted to be in Alice in Wonderland, this is your chance! Order a matcha tea, which is the tea of the future and just sit back and enjoy a flower blooming in your cup. if you don’t have any regrets about letting the flower go, you can even drink it.

ლამაზი ყვავილები

Museum’s music truly deserves a special recognition, which sounds like the voice of the future in your ears. Fusion of psychedelic tracks and Japanese folklore creates an unrealistic and amazing environment.

ფერადი კედლები

Mori’s Digital Art Museum was created by known digital art collaboration artists “TeamLab” in 2018.

TeamLab’s wish is to research relationships between humans and nature, person and the universe with the help of art. Digital technologies set art free from physical borders.

მატრიცული განათება

“Everything is part of one person and one person is part of everything. Everything exists in the infinite continuation of life… We are exploring the ways in which the relationships between people can be changed through art. In addition, we seek to diffuse the boundary between the self and the world, as well as between the self and others.” Toshiyuki Inoko founder of digital art collective teamLab.

პატარა ბავსვი ეხება სანათს და უყურებს გასტერებული

While visiting Mori’s museum, we recommend to dress in comfy clothes so that you feel comfortable in a room full of mirrors.

განათებით შექმნილი პეპლები

For Athletics room it’s best to wear trousers and trainers since for safety reasons, heels are prohibited while climbing the trees altogether. You shouldn’t miss jumping to and from galaxies for such a plain reason, that’s why you can rent comfy shoes at the museum as well, however, if you show up dressed and ready, you won’t waste time while changing.

გოგონა უყურებს განათებას

I’m sure you agree that this magnificent environment is something that’s worth sharing with friends and especially a stunning place for instagram photos. Our recommendation is to dress in colorful clothes so that your shadow won’t blend in with the dark background and to make sure you are a vibrant part of this artwork.

ბიჭი დარბის განათებით შექმნილ ილუზიაზე

Buying tickets in advance is highly recommended as well. If you are in Tokyo, visiting this museum is a must! It’s a perfect family getaway place from reality for couple hours in the afternoon or for preparing and imagining what digital future will look like soon.