For me, travelling represents nothing less than the only opportunity I have throughout the year to recharge my batteries after months of tiring work and to rekindle my positive attitude.

To be honest, when I was looking for flights, I hadn’t decided where I wanted to go yet. One day, my sister found a round-trip Kutaisi-Budapest ticket for 250 GEL. After several minutes, I simply filled out all the information they asked for, and bought the tickets.

ქუჩაზე მიმავალი ბიჭი ჭამს ბანანს

I was a bit nervous on the day of departure since it was my first time travelling alone and I was somewhat anxious as to how I would hold myself, but I also knew this was a great opportunity to discover myself once again.

ხალხი გადადის ზებრაზე, აგურებიანი შენობა

We touched down in Budapest at 7:00 a.m. Since the city was still mostly asleep, I decided to wander the streets and just take in whatever came my way. I took the metro to the “Astoria” stop, and this is where my adventure started in a still sleeping Budapest. Seeing the city wake up and come to life little by little was really quite a pleasant experience.

ორფერში გადაწყვეტილი ტრამვაი

As I wandered around Budapest, I found myself in places that I had planned to visit, but I thought I would need a special traveller’s app.

I decided to return home by foot, and I took a road that ran alongside the Danube River. If you ever end up in Budapest, I highly recommend going for a stroll in the evening while listening to “Hamatsuki – Sea of Nothingness” in your headphones; this music will make you fall in love with Budapest even more!

ლამაზად განათებული ხიდი

If you’ve seen everything you had planned to see while in Budapest, I recommend seeing Szimpla Kert, which is a very interesting and colorful environment, and offers plenty of intriguing and delicious treats.

ლამაზი ფერადი პატერნები

In the heart of the city, near “Heroes Square”, the “City Park” offers a great surrounding for some rest and relaxation.

ქუჩაზე მიმავალი მანქანა

In my opinion, three days is enough to see Budapest. In my case, since I had purchased return tickets for a week later, I decided to hop over to the next biggest and most interesting city – Vienna.

კაცი მიდის ველოსიპედით

Vienna is a very organized and clean city. There are a lot of parks and greenery, which means throughout the day you will encounter people of all ages lounging on the grass, sipping beer or playing Frisbee or just conversing, all of which represent popular leisure options for the locals.

ლამაზ პარკში ისვენებს ხალხი

Austria is one of the leading countries in Europe in terms of environmental protection, which you will surely notice as soon as you enter the city. Compared to Budapest, walking around the streets of Vienna was a radically different experience since the streets and avenues are considerably wider.

გოგონა მისეირნობს ველოსიპედით

The metro and public transport system is very well organized; everything is very simple – I actually tried to get lost but failed.

What is there to see in Vienna? Well, frankly, tons: Albertina, Belvedere, Burgtheater, Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna City Hall, Hofburg, Karlskrirche Church, Hundertwasserhaus, MuseumQuartier, Anker Clock, Prater, Zoo Park, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Austrian Parliament, Vienna State Opera, Der Graben, Maria-Theresein Platz and Memorial, Rathauspark, Palmenhaus.

ძალიან ლამაზი გუმბათიანი შენობა

When you visit Schoennbrunn Palace (this is a must), be sure to go behind the palace and see the Schoenbrunn Park, which is quite large and requires a bit of walking, but it also quite impressive. Within the park, also visit the Schoenbrunn Gloriette, which used to a building used for banquets and balls but now it is more of a tourist destination that offers a café inside and a great view of the city from the roof.

Hundertwasserhaus is another site worth visiting – even though its nothing more than a common living house, it is very striking visually.

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.

Author: Giga Khurtsilava

Photo: Giga Khurtsilava