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Its now commonplace to make mistakes… but, mistakes happen– Terenti Graneli. Kind of

Get ready. In the following several paragraphs, you will read about three insights about mistakes, which will not only not change your life radically, but actually won’t change it at all. Although, these wisdoms will be slightly more interesting than political speeches by candidates who rarely admit mistakes and promise us the moon in one fell swoop. Nevertheless, mistakes happen. Unless, of course you’re a surgeon, or a minesweeper, or an accountant… or you happen to be in charge of a nuclear power plant.

ცნობილი ადამიანები

Wisdom #1: making mistakes drastically reduces our chances of being perfect, but this is a good thing, since perfect people become objects of jealousy, while there’s something adorable about clumsy people.We like people that resemble ourselves – those that decide to study journalism for 4 years despite being the type of person that spends two hours psychologically preparing for a phone call with a stranger, those that can unilaterally love someone for years without realizing something needs to change, those that do not hide in their coach’s car for fear of missing a penalty kick or free throw shot, and those that don’t try to tell a story about someone else when in reality its about themselves.

Wisdom #2: we often beat ourselves up over mistakes we have made. Although it’s often impossible to tell whether this was actually a mistake… I mean, maybe this mistake actually saved us from making an even bigger mistake! Who knows?! Maybe even writing about making mistakes without particular expertise on the matter and taking time away from readers who undoubtedly have one or two insights on the matter themselves is a mistake in and of itself. But you should still consider yourself lucky: I could have written something much worse than these observations – for example something like “the wise man learns from others’ mistakes, while a fool can’t even learn from his own”, or that I like bananas more than my country, or “anywhere you stick it, you can dig it”.

Wisdom #3: mistakes add diversity to our lives. We like to say that only God doesn’t make mistakes. Based on the analysis of the history of our breed, this statement might be a bit hard to believe, but even if that is the case, the biggest mistake of all might be living monotonously for millions of years and never making a mistake. The reason is simple: we can write thousands of words about mistakes, their causes and effects, and the lessons learned, whereas in an ideal world, we can write two: “long and happy”.

P.S. – as promised, your life hasn’t changed … not even a little. But if you would have rather listened to political speeches and you’re currently thinking about demanding a refund for the 2 minutes and 30 seconds you spent reading this, that’s ok too, because we all make mistakes and you’re no exception.

Author: Beqa Adamashvili