From an architectural perspective, you might find astonishment in the Saska Kępa district, with its pragmatic, sophisticated, 4-storey houses, all built in the 20th century, all with fairly large windows, but all boasting little fanfare and modest in their own aristocratic way. This district also has the advantage of not being a historical tourist hotspot; regular people live here, leading everyday lives. This means you can enjoy the beautiful cafes and restaurants along Ulica Francuska – and the pretty waitresses that smile at you from each one – without getting trampled by holidaymakers with fanny-packs. Nothing special on the photo, just the Colombian Embassy in Warsaw and the merging of concrete and glass with flora and fauna.

ძალიან ლამაზი ყვავილები კედელზე და გამწვანებაც

Behind the Colombian Embassy, is a café that you should definitely visit if you’re a fan of David Lynch – the interior resembles those of the famous Lynch in his movies. Breakfast here is fantastic and affordable. Some dishes are actually shockingly cheap.

I also recommend visiting the café “Biala” just to see how pretty the Belarusian waitresses’ smiles are. “Envy is a terrible thing. A good man should not be envious of anything, and be content with what the Lord has bestowed upon us” – this was the phrase I kept repeating to myself as I wandered around Warsaw, from park to park, and from one side of the embankment to the other, overflowing with jealousy.

საყვარელი რესტორანი

Being the decent people that we are, and coming from park-less and river-less Tbilisi, we headed straight towards the Vistula river beach to rest our joints, which had been aching from the confined spaces of Wizzair. Of course we could have had a riverside beach in Tbilisi too, but Lavrenti Beria went overboard with the city planning and suffocated the Mtkvari River in concrete barriers a-la Seine.

ხიდი და მოსეირნე ადამიანი

When they ask me what I find most beautiful about Polish women, I’ll say its their “throats and necks”.

Talking Heads, in their song “Nothing but flowers”, tell the story of a world where dense forests grow where factories once smoked, and how instead of holding a Starbucks cup, people catch and cook rattlesnake over a bonfire.

ტყე და ხიდი

In the middle of green Warsaw, on the banks of the river Vistula, this impassable park points us to a future where gentrification will be swallowed by nature, and only the remnants of buildings will remain to serve as memories of a distant past.

ქუჩა და მანქანები, გოგონა ზის ზურგის მხარით

If you go to Warsaw, I recommend staying somewhere near the river. Every crossing of a bridge over the river will bring you great pleasure. When it’s covered with fog, the river just might carry a children’s lullaby downriver too.

If you visit the Polish capital, I do not suggest staying in the historic center. There are fewer interesting things to see there; it looks like a doll city where a bottle of water costs 8 zloty. This tourist hotspot dies down shortly after dinnertime and wakes back up with the morning tourist groups.

ფოთლებით დაფარული მიწა და ბიჭი, რომელიც ზის სკამზე ველოსიპედით მოვიდა ალბათ

In Warsaw, you have to live where the locals live, and where constructivism plays with brutalism. 20th century architecture in this city is simply astounding and deserves every minute you spend admiring it.

The blessings of these sacred right angles have been received directly from Weimar and the pragmatic goodness of Bauhaus is distinguished.