B decided to play Santa for those that acquire travel insurance from him.

საჩუქრების შემინული ყუთი

Once you acquire travel insurance from B Bot straight from Facebook Messenger, every 5th, 10th, 100th and 2000th customer will be asked a simple question, and if you answer correctly, you can win:

  • An e-book from Saba
  • Two movie tickets*
  • 150 megabytes of roaming Internet
  • Urbanears wireless headphones
  • Electric scooter

If you’re travelling with friends, B Bot can easily insure you all, since he already knows your travel dates. Acquiring travel insurance for your friends from B Bot increases your chances of winning!

And since B. Bot is all about making your life easier, once you purchase travel insurance from B Bot once, he automatically remembers (but doesn’t share) your basic information, so the next time you need travel insurance, you don’t have to provide it again.

Contact B Bot, insure your travels, and receive extra gifts.

*You can use at: Cavea, Amirani and Apollo cinemas. Also on the websites: and