By the time you fulfill your childhood dreams, you realize you’re very far from childhood. So far, that you can let yourself look at your childhood from afar, from Stockholm, from Dalogatan Street, where there is a park on one side of the street and a building with a golden signboard on the other.

ძველებური მანქანა დგას შუქნიშანზე

Or you can just walk in the streets of Stockholm and think about the slight disappointment that this city is not that small, not so cozy, and not so “Swedish”. Flying over these huge glass constructions probably wouldn’t even cross Carlson’s mind, never mind settling.


ცარიელი ავტობუსი დაორთქლილი მინებით

This is a very new, modern, systemized and at the same time crowded Stockholm, with bridges in between islands, white yachts and ships;

კლდეში გამოჭრილი მეტრო

aboveground – blue trolleys, and underground - painted metro stations with its long, continuous and strange exhibition for art lovers. Travelling by metro is far from boring, as the train goes across works of arts like the wind.

ნავსადგომი და მდინარე

Old city

ძალიან ლამაზი ფერადი სახლები

On Gamlastan, colorful houses, with no curtains on their little windows hug each other tightly. Yes, that’s exactly as it was in my imagination 20 years ago, at the time, when I lived in Stockholm despite being 3,400 km away from there. 

გორაკებზე შეფენილი თოვლი და ლამაზი ნაძვები

 When I couldn’t check my imaginations on Google Earth or YouTube and I couldn’t even find a postcard of the place anywhere.

Scandinavia, Vasa, Vikings

The best place to get a deep sense of Scandinavia is Skansen, a huge territory with ethnographic, interactive museums, culinary huts, aquariums, and deer and other harmless animals living in the woods. Here, and in the sunken ship museum you will

თოვლით დაფარული მთა, რომელსაც მარცხენა ფერდობი დაუთოვლელი აქვს


Now there is a city of children in front of me – because here is Junibacken, not as huge and popular as Disneyland, but still the best place to go back to childhood dreams, and stroll along little wooden buildings, beyond which you can see ships, frozen cities and other islands.

ძალიან ლამაზი სახლი

If not here, where can you see all of Astrid’s characters? Here you can look inside their houses and watch kids who can’t resist the temptation of challenging Pappy and trying to lift her horse or flattening the dough directly onto the ground.

შენობა ხის ფონზე

In reality, the parents that bring their kids here are in fact fulfilling their own childhood dreams; to the city, where, as we’ve always imagined - the kindest people live.

The street is on a hill, a 20-minute walk from the central station - number 46, with a brown door, which was opened by an old woman in few minutes, who brought her dog out for a walk. She told me warmly, that no one was at home and that family members did not come here frequently, so I should’ve told them I was coming beforehand. She bid farewell to me. After few minutes, I followed the mailmen into the lobby. To the left side of the second floor, here it was: Lindgren A. There was nobody at home, and all I could do was slide a little card below the door – Happy Birthday dear Astrid <3 from Georgia.