Prior to travelling, there are always a million little details that have to be worked out, and tons of errands to run all around town. It is precisely to help you manage this mayhem that we created B Bot, who has grown up, and become best friends with many of our clients.

მობილურში აპლიკაცია

B Bot has been with us for more than a year-and-a-half, and he’s still developing and making the online insurance acquisition process easier and easier. For example:

After your first purchase, B Bot remembers your basic information – last name, first name, personal identification number, and birthdate – so you don’t have to enter it again. Ever.

ჩეთი მობილურში

You can now just send B Bot your passport or ID photo and B Bot fills out all your personal information for you!

მესიჯობა მობილურში

With B Bot, you can now insure your friends! All you need is their basic information from their personal identification card.

ილუსტრაციები მობილურში

And finally, is a friendship even a friendship without Christmas presents? Of course not! So B Bot has put on his Santa hat and announced a holiday special: Starting December 10, if you are one of every lucky 5th, 20th, 50th, 100th or 2000th customers, B. Bot will ask you a simple question… answer correctly and end up with one of these awesome gifts:

  • An electronic book from “Saba”
  • Two tickets to the movie theater
  • 150 Megabytes of roaming Internet
  • Wireless headphones by “Urban Ears”
  • An electric scooter


So, be a friend to B Bot, and he is sure to reward your friendship!