Starting February 1, 2019, use any TBC debit or credit card to make a fuel or compressed natural gas purchase at any Wissol branch, and receive up to 5,000 GEL in insurance from Wissol:

  • Motor Third Party Liability Insurance – 2,500 GEL limit

      If you damage another automobile, property or bring bodily harm to a third party as a result of vehicular operation, TBC Insurance will cover the damages/expenses.

  • Driver and Passenger Accident Insurance – 2,500 GEL limit

      If you or a passenger sustains injuries during the vehicle’s operation, TBC Insurance will cover the cost of treatment.

საწვავის ჩსხმა

Important Disclaimers:

> Any individual with a TBC banking or credit card is eligible to participate (businesses and corporations are not eligible for this offer);

> This offer is limited to the acquisition of the following products at any Wissol branch: gas (petrol), diesel, and/or compressed natural gas (CNG);

> Insurance will be issued every time an individual makes at least 250 GEL in fuel purchases at Wissol over the course of one calendar month;

>Insurance will cover you during the operation of any vehicle;

> In order to receive this insurance offer, you must make the minimum amount of fuel purchases (250 GEL) within one calendar month (including the first and last day of the month).

> Insurance will be activated automatically starting on the 10th of the following month, with a validity period of 1 month.